We are still very low on the new sports kit.

As soon as your children have had their last PE / Games Lesson, if it won’t do them next year please get it to us before our summer openings. It will sell and you can recoup some of that outlay! At the moment as sport kit is in short supply we can offer a great saving to our customers but also a good return to the sellers.

We have a couple of large (upper seniors) track suit tops, and a really small (Y2 – Y3 juniors) pair of tracksuit trousers.
A small pair of PE shorts (early juniors) and a Rugby top (Middle Seniors).
Lots of hoodies (more senior sizes).
No skorts.
No Kings Bags (PE or otherwise).

None of the school jumpers with the sky blue on.

We do have some of the tartan pinafores and skirts.
We have lots of blazer some in good condition (some well worn, we keep these mainly for emergency spares).
Lots of summer dresses.
Many cheap boys trousers and shorts.
Lots and lots of shirts and blouses. We bundle these very cheaply.

You will also find trainers, sports shoes, hockey sticks, cricket bats, cricket whites all sorts!
We have a lot of 6th Form stock too. Blazers, skirts, trousers, shirts and blouses (which as they can pick their own some of our mum’s and dad’s might be interested in!).

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