Opposite King’s Klobber is a room which you may have heard us affectionately refer to as the ‘Africa’ room. This is where any obsolete uniform was stored before it used to get shipped over to a school Kings has links with in Africa. Unfortunately we are no longer able to send the uniform to Africa and so it has been piling up.

Anything with a badge on it cannot be given to charity for security reasons and so we have been struggling to find a use for it. We have spoken with different charities and the textiles department but were facing the thankless task of cutting out the badges and then sending it to landfill.

At the end of the summer it became apparent that the junior school needed to repurpose the ‘Africa’ room and we needed to deal with the mountain of uniform. In the end inspiration came from local fashion company Superdry. They send any waste clothes to a company called Printwaste who for a small charge incinerate it. When it is incinerated the heat generated turns a turbine which generates electricity and so the clothes are repurposed to an extent.

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