It is heartbreaking when we are given very good uniform which is unnamed lost property.

Please be careful to label everything clearly and fully. A Biro won’t do. Initials or just a surname / first name probably will get back to you eventually but can go on a long detour first if anyone else has the name or the initials, and by then you have probably replaced the item anyway.

If you are a parent who struggles with lost property it may be worth using two name tags, one with your child’s full name and one with their class or teachers name (with a separate label you can stick / sew / iron another over the top if they have it for two years). I know it sounds extreme but for some people this is a real headache.

There are a number of companies selling name tags a quick google search gives these . Most sell all types, the ones to sew, stick and iron. I like the stick on ones as they work in shoes, water bottles etc. that said i have had to replace the odd one or two in this last term of the year. I have heard the stickers do not work on the rugby kit and that iron on and stitch on are the way to go. Possible a combination of types is the best bet.


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