We provide a service whereby parent’s can sell on good quality uniform. When we sell an item 75% of the money goes to the parent and 25% is donated to the school. Annually (summer term) we do the accounts. If there is £10 or more owing we will send you a cheque. If it is less than £10 we roll it over to the next year and you won’t hear from us until then.

To sell uniform, either pop it in to us on a Thursday 3.15pm – 4.30pm (term time) or drop it into paddock house. If you could seal the bags and make sure you have clearly labelled it with:

Name (we send cheques to this name)
Address (we send the cheque to this address)
Phone Number (occasionally used for clarification)

Then we will know who to allocate it to. If we cannot find any details we donate it to school funds. We also suggest that if you have anything of high value you also label this individually with your details.

We can no longer accept the old style of uniform. That is most things with yellow on (apart from the house shirts), old sport’s kit and jumpers.